VehicleMRI today announced the national rollout of its innovative new solution for standardizing vehicle inspections.

VehicleMRI today announced the national rollout of its innovative new solution for standardizing vehicle inspections. The vehicle inspection system is a quick, online tool that examines a vehicle’s internal electronic systems to assess current vehicle health.

VehicleMRI today announced the national debut of a powerful new online solution for grading a vehicle’s health. VehicleMRI quickly examines a vehicle’s internal electronic systems using intuitive proprietary algorithms to reveal and forecast problems that other vehicle inspection methods cannot. VehicleMRI inspection results are presented in a detailed and easy to understand vehicle report.

In addition to the standard obd2 diagnostic scans performed by others, VehicleMRI also scans for OEM obd codes and out of range parameters in engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, body and many other systems. Typically only a dealer-level scan tool can access this information.

The vehicle’s check engine light will illuminate if there is an emissions related problem. A vehicle could have other problems that the driver is not aware of because there may not be a visual indication. VehicleMRI is an effective alert system to find OEM trouble codes and other hidden problems in airbag, ABS and body systems.

VehicleMRI’s game-changing forecasting feature is an industry first. In addition to identifying failed test results, it also flags items that are close to failing such as an oxygen sensor, fuel pump or car battery. With this insightful knowledge, future repairs can be planned and budgeted for and breakdowns prevented.

Just like the apps on a smartphone need occasional updates, a car’s on-board computer(s) may also need an update; however, there’s no visual indication to let the driver know. Automobile manufacturers will update a car’s software to make it more efficient and to fix software bugs. Unless a software update is part of a mandated safety recall, the owner will not be notified when an update is released. For optimal safety, performance and efficiency, it is very important that vehicles are regularly checked to see if they are running the latest software version on all of their on-board computers. VehicleMRI makes it easy to do this since it can indicate if the vehicle’s software needs to be updated.

In terms of speed, VehicleMRI offers substantial benefits as well. In minutes, VehicleMRI quickly runs through hundreds of tests on multiple systems that would typically take an automotive technician hours to run. There is no need for the user to select or to know which parameters or systems to check; VehicleMRI automatically knows which tests to run for the selected vehicle.

Because VehicleMRI is easy to use, no specialized training is required. Users simply connect a supported vehicle interface to the vehicle’s diagnostic port and initiate an inspection on VehicleMRI’s subscription website. A high speed internet connection and a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop PC is required.

Convenient and accessible everywhere, VehicleMRI inspection results are stored in a report on a web server so the condition of a vehicle can be easily shared, analyzed, retrieved and compared over time. VehicleMRI can benefit various businesses and individuals.

VehicleMRI can benefit various businesses and individuals. VehicleMRI can be used by automotive repair shops for diagnostic assistance, used car dealers to put customers at ease with their purchase, auto auction buyers to quickly evaluate a vehicle before bidding, fleet administrators as a vehicle health management and preventative maintenance tool for their fleet, anyone buying a used car that wants to make a knowledgeable purchase and by any vehicle owner that wants to check their vehicle for hidden problems.

Nearly all Domestic, Asian and European vehicles made since 1996 can be connected to VehicleMRI. Access to the VehicleMRI website costs $9.95 per month and a small fee is charged for each successful report created. New customers may need to purchase a vehicle interface (prices vary by model).

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